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Summer Travel Essentials

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I’ve always, always preferred traveling in the Summer by far. I think this is because I generally dislike Winter. I hate having to wear layers that make me feel frumpy and heavy. I hate having to be out in the streets wearing gloves and wiping off the liquid seeping from my nose. It’s torture, really. For me Summer is light, fun, and joyous. I always have visions of sitting by the pool or overlooking the ocean clad in a cute cozzy, hat and fashionable sunglasses with a glass of champagne or chardonnay in my hand. Isn’t that just pure bliss? This is exactly why I’d much rather save up a little longer to afford Summer travel rather than freeze my butt off overseas in sub-zero temperatures. And if you’ve ever experienced July in Europe or hopped Thai islands in May, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

So if you’re planning to head out of your comfort zone any time soon (and as the new proverb goes – when Covid is behind us!) I’ve got you covered for all your Summer Travel Essentials. Here’s a list of my favourite items:

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Getting ready for that long-haul flight can be anxiety-inducing if you’re a bad traveller. One way to reduce your stress levels is to start early and set aside all your items in your spare room on the bed. This will protect you from yourself when it comes to forgetting some items. And the first order of business is your passport (duh!), a backpack, headphones or air pods, comfortable sneakers that are also cute enough to wear on the other side and a scarf in case it gets nippy.

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Consider a day out at the beach or by the poolside of your hotel. Some of the essentials you cannot go without are a hat and sunglasses for protection from the sun – and to look fabulous, a book to sink yourself into another universe as other travellers walk on by, and a bright lip colour to give you that little bit of edge over other cute travellers.

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Your second sojourn to the beach should be nothing short of head turning. What better way to achieve this than a great body (which I don’t have but hey), a bright bikini, sandals and a shimmering gloss for that all important pout picture. And how can I forget a hipflask so that you can sneak in your gin brought from home? Thank me later!


Imagine being on holiday in Summer and not being prepared for any and all eventualities? No sir, not me. This is why I always have a pair of denim shorts which you can wear during the day casually or glammed up for a night of bar hopping. Also be sure to carry at least one pair of heels, if you’re traveling with your significant other heels are awesome for date night. A petite cross body purse not only looks cute, its practical for those crazy all-nighters where you might find yourself in a packed club. Oh, and perfume! Yes, a girl’s best friend after diamonds. Finally, a good camera to capture all the memories you are going to make.  

You’re ready to go!!

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