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Samp & Beans


Growing up in the Eastern Cape, in a black working class family, one of the staple meals was uMngqusho, which is a hearty one pot dish made from samp and beans. When I was younger it felt like mom would take hours to prepare this meal but now that I’ve grown up it feels like I can get this meal ready in a relatively short space of time. I’m not sure whether the type of samp and beans has changed over time or if it was just the impatience of youth when I was younger. Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle. Anyway, uMngqusho is filling, hearty and really cheap to make. Because we ate it a lot growing up I never looked forward to it. But strangely, now that I’m older I really look forward to this meal, especially in the winter. As I’ve gotten older I’ve developed a bit of an intolerance for beans so I always make sure I have this meal before 4pm to give my tummy enough time for digestion. But if you don’t have my problems you can enjoy this meal anytime.

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