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uLusu or Mala Mogodu served with Creamy Samp


As part of the Megamaster #24DaysofHeritage Campaign, I had the singular joy of preparing what me and millions of South Africans consider to be a firm favourite dish in our homes – uLusu or Mala Mogodu. I’ve never been in a province in SA where this dish does not feature on the top 10 of meals to have. This is because it’s delicious, relatively cheap and needs little fanfare to be flavourful. uLusu or Mogodu is a dish made from Sheep Tripe and Intestines prepared slowly over hours which can be enjoyed at home or often as part of the morning meal ahead of a traditional ceremony where you’ll have a lot of mouths to feed. It was eaten a lot back in the day when most people lived in rural areas and did not want to waste any of the meat after slaughtering an animal. Now our lives are different, we are urban-based but we still yearn for this yumminess. So the best bet is to buy the Mogodu and make it at home. In fact, some South Africans love it so much that Mogodu Mondays have become a real thing, where Monday dinner is Mogodu bought ready-made at your local Tshisa Nyama. I hear it also has the super power of chasing the weekend bhabhalaz (hangover) away!

In honour of Heritage Month in our beautiful country, I’ve put a couple of spins on my version of uLusu. Firstly, I am making it on my Megamaster Gas Braai as a way to bond in the sun with my family. Secondly, I am using fresh herbs, which adds a more unique flavour to my dish. The fresh herbs are not traditional for this dish because it’s usually made with very few ingredients. But I can assure you that they elevate the end result! I served it with Creamy Samp and Steamed Bread – you can check out the recipes for these elsewhere on my blog.

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