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Pesto & Mushroom Spaghetti


I’ve been trying for some time now to build in meat-free days into our dinner repertoire. I must say that it has been a less than successful endeavour. And if I’m being totally honest, it’s not only hubby’s love for meat that’s to blame. A huge part of the challenge has been me struggling to build flavour into vegetarian meals. Somehow it always feels like something’s missing, almost like the meal is incomplete in a way. So I did some thinking on how to deliver a filling, fully vegetarian meal packed with flavour and I came up with this gem of a recipe. My Pesto & Mushroom Spaghetti is everything that a delicious vegetarian meal is supposed to be. It’s fragrant, bright and just utterly delightful. You can either have this meal as a vegetarian dinner (which I recommend) or as an accompaniment for seafood. The other option is to add chicken if you really can’t do the whole meat free thing. You can also swop out the choice of pasta. Tagliatelle, Penne or even Linguine work just as well. See elsewhere on this blog for the Basil Pesto Recipe.

Pesto & Mushroom Spaghetti (1).png
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