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Rocket, Avo & Strawberry Salad


The arrival of Spring always gets me in the mood for light, fresh and crunchy salads that go well with anything from braai meat to oven-roasted dishes. I love salads because you can literally do anything you want, there are no rules. Your flavour profile should guide what you put into your side salad, not what others think about what works. My absolute favourite addition is always fruit, and it being berry season, I thought, why not use strawberries in this salad? I love the sweet but acidic flavour in strawberries. For me strawberries are one of the more versatile fruits that go well with both sweet and savoury dishes. Of course, you can replace them in your version of this salad with Kiwis or Raspberries. But maybe try this out and see how you feel about it. And naturally, we make our own salad dressing here at Nice Things HQ so you’ll also find a recipe for my preferred dressing for this salad. Enjoy!

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