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Creamy Mustard Chicken Casserole

Main pic - Creamy Mustard Chicken Casser

How many creative ways can I make chicken? Well, how long is a piece of string?

In the spirit of eating more white meat than red meat, I’ve developed the habit of loading our grocery trolley with chicken. Seafood we buy weekly because its better fresh than frozen, though when the budget is not as malleable the frozen stuff tends to work perfectly LOL. Enough about seafood, this is a story about chicken. I work full days and still try to ensure that we have a delicious, (sometimes) healthy dinner at least 5 times a week. One of my favourite hacks is the oven. I love it because food basically cooks itself in the oven. The sum total of my cooking is ensuring that I pack my casseroles with flavourful ingredients that can absorb into the meat. This recipe right here is one such example. My Creamy Mustard Chicken Casserole works for both amateur and seasoned home cooks. I start it off on the stove top by browning the chicken – which adds colour and flavour. My casserole then finishes off in the oven while I end my workday by answering a few emails with one-liners such as “Noted, this will be actioned tomorrow”.

Creamy Mustard Chicken Casserole Ingredi
Creamy Mustard Chicken prep pic 1.jpg
Creamy Mustard Chicken prep pic 2.jpg
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