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Chicken, Spinach

& Feta Pie

Chicken spinach feta pie.jpg

I have had different kinds of pies a gazillion times! In school, pies were the most affordable and most filling option from the tuckshop whenever I did not have a packed lunch. From chicken pies to steak and kidney pies to Cornish pies – I’ve had it all with so many variations in between. At some point in my adult life I got so tired of the generic pies available for on-the-go eating that I completely stopped eating them. Until I decided to try my hand at homemade pies. Sounds simple, right? Well you’ll be shocked at just how easy it is. It’s really just a three-step process – making your filling, rolling out the store-bought pastry and putting everything together to bake. As they say, easy as 1,2,3! I hope you enjoy trying out this utterly delicious pie and I’m looking forward to hearing some of your own variations on the pie filling. P.s. this pie tastes nothing like what you get at the shops. Trust me!

Chicken, Spinach & Feta Pie Ingrediants.
Chicken spinach feta pie 1.jpg
Chicken, Spinach & Feta Pie Method.png
Chicken spinach feta pie 2.jpg
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