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Asian-Style Chicken Drumsticks

Asian-Style Chicken Drumsticks.jpg

There are so many different ways to make and enjoy chicken drumsticks. You can braai them for a lovely smoky flavour, create your own fried chicken recipe at home and deep fry them or grill them with minimal added flavour. I enjoy drumsticks in so many different ways but I must admit that my absolute favourite recipe is my Asian-Style Chicken Drumsticks, which is so reminiscent of my Eastern culinary experiences. For me, what makes this recipe a winner is the kick that you get from the ginger paste, the balance of sweet and sour flavours and the crunch you get from the spring onion. Whether you make this recipe as I have suggested below, or merely use it as inspiration to create your own recipe, I can guarantee that these tender, flavourful drumsticks will have you licking your fingers and begging for more.

Asian-Style Chicken Drumsticks ingredien
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