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Hash brown, bacon and egg stack


Hash browns aren’t necessarily the most exciting option when you’re thinking of brunch, but depending on how much flavour you’re able to pack them with, they can be a great substitute for bread. My preference is to add coriander and nutmeg to the traditional hash brown recipe. I find that these two ingredients make all the difference when it comes to flavour. Naturally, you will have your own preferences and quirks so don’t hesitate to add them to your variation.

Then of course the real excitement comes when you decide what to stack onto your hash browns. For me, a fried egg, streaky bacon, mushrooms and avocado slices do the trick. But for you it might be something else, for example a burger patty with melted cheddar cheese. All up to you. But do make sure you top it off with chives and parmesan shavings for that extra what-what! Either way, you’re sure to enjoy the end result of this hash brown recipe.

Hash brown, bacon and egg stack ingredie
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