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Chilli Tomato Pasta sauce

Chilli Tomato Pasta Sauce 2.jpg

I’ve always bought my pasta sauce in a jar already made. It worked just fine until I started being a bit more discerning with my food and feeling like store-bought sauce just doesn’t have the character and depth of flavour that I need for my dishes. So I’ve been toying with various sauces for my pasta dishes which are a staple in my home.

My love for pasta dates back many moons. My mum would always make us Spaghetti Bolognaise when we were growing up. It was a quick and easy meal for her to prepare when she got back from work in the early evening. Another staple was Macaroni, which we enjoyed as a warm meal with Pilchards or in a side salad on Sundays as part of the “seven colours” spread. As I grew up and started cooking for myself I started experimenting with different types of pasta. It took a trip to Bologna to expose me to so many more pasta variants outside of the tried and tested Spaghetti Bolognaise – ironically! Fast-forward to 2021, I even have a pasta maker to demonstrate my love for this Italian dish – but more about my pasta making skills later. For now, I hope you enjoy my Chilli Tomato Pasta Sauce recipe.

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Chilli tomato pasta 2.jpg
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