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Homemade Herb Loaf

Homemade herb leaf.jpg

There are Saturday mornings when I wake up craving the smell of something baking. Whenever that feeling hits, and I have the energy (which is quite often) I wake up and turn my craving into a reality. Whether it’s bread, scones or muffins, that smell engulfing the entire house brings back so many good memories of my childhood. So the recipe I want to share with you today is my Homemade Herb Loaf. I love it because it’s deceptively easy to make but so yummy, especially when enjoyed straight out the oven. Really, you can literally just have this bread with just a dollop of butter, no fancy schmancy stuff needed here. To guarantee a light and fluffy product just make sure that you knead the dough properly, not too much, and allow enough time for it to rise.

Homemade Herb Loaf .png
herb loaf.jpg
Herb loaf (2).jpg
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