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Umleqwa (Hard Body Chicken)

Umleqwa main pic.jpg

On the list of foods that remind me of my childhood, Umleqwa features right up there in my top 5. The funny thing is that I never used to enjoy Umleqwa when I was younger. I think between it being overcooked and hard, and my palette naively preferring the softer store-bought chickens (youth!), I always felt that it wasn’t quite the best meal option. Fast-forward almost three decades later, this version of chicken features prominently in my kitchen. Not only does it have natural flavour that doesn’t need much enhancing, its healthier than buying chickens stuffed with all kinds of hormones that aren’t good for our health.


I buy my chicken and other meats used in our traditional meals like ulusu from two amazing suppliers who supply most areas in Gauteng. Everything they deliver is fresh from the farm, mostly cleaned and ready to be cut and cooked or frozen. If you’re looking for umleqwa, ulusu, liver, trotters and the like, here are the contacts.

Nangamso - 084 404 0926

Mike - 083 429 0502 

Umleqwa (Hard Body Chicken) .png
Umleqwa pre pic 1.jpg
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