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Hearty Bean & Lentil Soup (served with Beef Bones)

Bean & Lentil Soup cover photo.jpg

Winter is coming. So, inevitably my dinner options are changing from light meals and salads to the heartier, filling one-pot meals that are just perfect for a midweek Autumn or Winter evening. During Winter we tend to eat quite a bit of soup in my home. It basically cooks itself (always a good thing!) and always manages to make me feel like I’ve achieved my homemaker goals. Lol. This is the recipe for my trusted Bean and Lentil Soup served with beef bones. Of course you can have it without bones if you’re more in the mood for a veggie meal. For me the beef bones are reminiscent of a beautiful period in my life when mum used to do all the cooking. Ah…those were the days :) 

Hearty Bean & Lentil Soup (served with Beef Bones).png
Prep pic 1 for Bean & Lentil Soup.jpg
Prep pic 2 for Bean & Lentil Soup.jpg
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