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Decedent Chocolate Cake

chocolate cake cover.jpg

Is there anything better than a home baked decadent, moist chocolate cake made with a whole lot of love and a wee bit of coffee? Whoever answered ‘yes’ should stop reading and immediately leave this website – you are not welcome here! :)

It’s taken me a while to get this recipe right. There’s been a bit of trial and error and a whole lot of dirty dishes, but it’s all been worth the ride. I’m sharing my absolutely amazing, finger-licking good Chocolate Cake that I know you’ll absolutely find yourself addicted to. This cake is a rich and moist guilty pleasure that’ll feature in your kitchen for years to come. It works great for your celebrations or just as a dessert when hosting family and friends. The middle of the cake is filled with a chocolate ganache and the top is covered in a deliciously sweet cocoa butter icing – the best of worlds! Why choose when you can have both, that’s what I always say. Enjoy!  

Decedent Chocolate Cake .png
chocolate cake prep 1.jpg
Decedent Chocolate Cake 2.png
chocolate cake prep.jpg
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