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Vanilla Birthday Cake

vanilla birthday cake.jpg

I started baking my own birthday cake in 2020 during lockdown. My birthday is on 4th April and at the time South Africa was about 2-3 weeks into lockdown. All of us were scared of going out for even grocery supplies, let alone cake!

So the easiest thing was to find what I had in the cupboard and cobble together a chocolate cake for the hubby and me to fatten ourselves with. My first attempt at Chocolate Cake turned out ok…and as you can see elsewhere in this blog, I’ve since created my own recipe and perfected it. For my birthday this year I decided to make a simple yet yummy Vanilla Cake. Simple because it’s got no airs and graces. Yummy because it’s light, fluffy but still has a perfect amount of moisture. Then, of course, the icing is literally the icing on the cake…see what I did there? I hope you enjoy trying out my recipe for your special occasion

Vanilla Birthday Cake Ingredients 1 .png
vanilla birthday cake prep.jpg
Vanilla Birthday Cake Method 2.png
vanilla birthday prep cake.jpg
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