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Lamb Knuckle Stew with Steamed Bread

Lamb knuckle stew.jpg

Is there anything more hearty and indulgent than a stew served with homemade bread? I think not. As winter approaches and the temperatures start to slowly go down, my kitchen is becoming a hive of oven activity. It’s funny because my body always feels heavy in the winter, yet I have this obsession with heavy, filling meals. Strange? Anyway, I know this Lamb Knuckle Stew will transform your winter dinner table. When served with my homemade Steamed Bread, this recipe will knock your socks right off. Hope you have fun making it!

Lamb Knuckle Stew with Steamed Bread.png
Lamb knuckle.jpg
Lamb Knuckle Stew with Steamed Bread Met
lamb stew.jpg
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