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Mustard and Sesame Seed Roast Chicken


Sunday lunch can’t always be the result of spending hours in the kitchen. No sir. Even Home Cooks deserve a laid back Sunday morning sipping mimosas on the patio. When this need arises, I have the perfect Roast Chicken recipe for you which will guarantee a perfect result in about a third of the time that you might usually spend slogging away in the kitchen on a Sunday. I made this roast just with potatoes but you can definitely add other veggies in the same roasting pan to make your life easy. What you’ll have at the end is a perfectly roasted chicken that you can almost slice through with a butter knife. The flavour from the two types of mustard, thyme and the sesame seeds is simply delicious. Don’t forget to tie the legs together because this locks in the flavour, helps for more even roasting and will ensure that the chicken stays tender rather than becoming dry. This process is called Trussing – now there’s a useless bit of trivia for your next 30 Seconds game!

Mustard and Sesame Seed Roast Chicken.png
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