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Your Mama’s Steamed Bread


What can I say about Steamed Bread? Shall I write an ode? Or should I compose a song in honour of this African treat?

So many of us grew up eating this bread in our homes. Our mothers would make it for Imicimbi (traditional ceremonies) or just on the weekend to enjoy with slow-cooked tripe or hardbody chicken. I love this bread because its light, fluffy and so versatile. As a result, it’s probably the bread I make most in my kitchen. In my home we enjoy it with any and everything, from eating it warm with just butter to having it with a stew of choice. Of course, it helps that it’s really easy to put together and that you can use leftover dough for Amagwinya (vetkoeks). There are three tricks to having fluffy Steamed Bread: kneading the bread just enough, giving it the dough enough time to rise and ensuring that you cook it for long enough. This does take some practice so go ahead…get on with it!

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