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Orange & Lemon Cake


These days I’m up at the crack of dawn despite the freezing weather in the mornings. Must be some kind of penance for my sins! So to avoid sitting around doing nothing, I spend my weekend mornings in the kitchen baking away.

This particular recipe is my take on a citrus cake. It’s a loaf cake flavoured with freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice.

Trust me, the fresh fruit juice makes a huge difference so try not to use the ready-made option. I also find that the slight bitterness of the lemon adds such an amazing flavour to the cake. It balances out what would otherwise be a rather sweet cake.

It’s up to you whether you want to drizzle a wee bit of sugar glaze on the top of the cake once its slightly cooled.

I love the glaze because it absorbs nicely into the cake and creates a bit of moisture while adding character. This cake is perfect for your mid-morning tea or just as an afternoon snack. You can also add custard to turn this cake into a perfect Sunday dessert.

Orange & Lemon Cake .png
Orange & Lemon Cake  (1).png
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