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Cajun Roast Leg of Lamb

Cajun Roast Leg of Lamb Main.jpg

It’s always a good time for a succulent Sunday Roast, yes? I absolutely love spending my Sundays in the kitchen taking my sweet time preparing lunch for my family. It’s been a tradition since I was growing up and why change a winning formula? I also love roasts because you don’t have to use too many ingredients to get a flavourful result. Sometimes less is more. And of course, my trusted spice brand, Cape Herb & Spice just elevates the flavour profile. I hope you enjoy giving my Cajun Roast Leg of Lamb a try.

Cajun Roast Leg of Lamb (1).png
Roast Leg of Lamb1.jpg
Roast Leg of Lamb2.jpg
Roast Leg of Lamb3.jpg
Roast Leg of Lamb4.jpg
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