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Beef Stew with Oven-Baked Dumplings


If you’re like me then you’re into easy one-pot wonders that make your life in the kitchen a breeze. Thing is, we’re all busy doing this life thing. Between work and everything else you really have to find ways of feeding the family that are relatively low energy. What better way than a one-pot dinner? This recipe is a variation on the stew and dumplings that many of us grew up on. In our home, my mom used to make dumplings together with the meat while it cooked on the stove. It worked just fine and the result was always a nice, hearty dinner. But one day I started thinking about what would happen if I flipped it a bit and did everything in the oven? That way the dish cooks slowly and I don’t have to constantly check on it while doing other stuff. Also, I found that the dumplings don’t get soggy from the steam as they would on the stove. I’m happy to report that it worked superbly. Here’s my recipe for this one-pot yumminess.

Beef Stew with Oven-Baked Dumplings.png
Beef Stew with Oven-Baked Dumplings (2).png
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