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Christmas Gammon

Gammon Main Pic.JPG

So, Gammon is obviously not everyone’s favourite Christmas Lunch offering, but in my view, these are people who have not tasted a perfectly cooked Gammon with just the right sauce. Gammon is one of the cuts from a pig that has been smoked and cured so it already has flavour and should therefore not have too many different flavours added. It’s a Christmas staple in many households in South Africa and beyond and is usually served as part of a larger table setting. I love this recipe because the result is a succulent meat which is just elevated by the sweet and tangy sauce made from scratch, of course. 

Christmas Gammon.png
Gammon Prep Pic 1.JPG
Gammon prep pic 2.JPG
Gammon prep 3.JPG
Gammon Prep Pic 4.JPG
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