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Broccoli & Bacon Summer Salad


With Spring coming on fast the kitchen is about to turn from a space of preparing meals that take hours, to quick and easy, light, delicious recipes that don’t leave you feeling heavy. I have a sneaky suspicion that we’re in for a very warm Spring and Summer this year, so I’m working on a catalogue of yummy recipes that you can put together for the days when you are hosting friends and family over a glass of Chardonnay. So this is a recipe for a colourful and veggie-packed Broccoli & Bacon Summer Salad that goes well with any roast of your choice or with some braai (barbeque) meat. One of the things I really love about this recipe is that you get so many good vegetables with just one serving. The veggies also have natural flavours so that you don’t have to season it with anything other than salt and pepper. You have the option of leaving the broccoli raw or steaming it for a couple of minutes. I’ve tried both ways and it really depends on your preference. The raw option does leave the broccoli a bit chewy though so you might want to start off with the steaming option. Also feel free to add or swop out some of the veggies or to replace the feta with parmesan cheese. Remember that recipes are just a guide to help you unleash your inner Home Cook! For a pairing idea, checkout My Mustard & Sesame Seed Roast Chicken or my Sundried Tomato & Ginger Roast Chicken.

Broccoli & Bacon Summer Salad.png
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