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Basil Pesto


Learn how to make your own pesto, that’s a pearl of wisdom I’d like to share with you. You’ll thank me later. Pesto comes in different forms. You get the more traditional Basil Pesto, which I am sharing here with you. You get Sundried Tomato Pesto and even a Citrus Pesto. My time in Italy showed me just how creative one can be with this versatile sauce that goes amazingly well with pasta or as a spread on freshly baked bread. You can even add your pesto to salads, that’s how versatile it is. One of the reasons I really love making my own pesto is that I can infuse as much or as little flavour as I want, unlike the standard store-bought stuff. If you want more Parmesan, just add it. If you want to test this recipe out with Pecorino Cheese instead of Parmesan, go ahead. Wanna try out different nuts? Just do it. You’re open to being as creative as you want to be – your kitchen, your rules! You’ll need a pestle and mortar for this recipe but if you’re feeling lazy just use a food processor. I’ve kept this pesto in the fridge for 7 days but I suspect you can go up to 8 or 9.

Basil Pesto (1).png
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