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Grilled Whole Tilapia

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Seafood makes the world go ‘round! Well, at least my world! This is my recipe for an utterly delicious, flavourful fish called Tilapia. I first came across Tilapia while travelling in Mozambique in 2012. I remember this day well because I was on the shores of the Zambezi River and I’d never in my life had whole fish. I’d always had fillets and didn’t even know that fish was cooked whole in some places. Imagine! But in my own defence I was fresh out of varsity and had never left South Africa. Anyway, once I’d gotten over my feeling that the fish looked like it was gonna jump from the plate and bite me, I was converted. I think I had Tilapia 3 more times on that trip!

So fast forward many years later, Tilapia is one of my favourite seafood options to prepare for my family. I make it perfectly crispy on the outside, and super juicy on the inside. The trick is to flavour the Tilapia very well (salt and pepper is absolutely your friend here), and to grill the fish for just the right time.

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