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Vanilla Berry Dessert Cake


There are certain ingredients I always have in the house. One of those is frozen berries, which I use in a variety of recipes such as smoothies, healthy smoothie bowls, muffins and a host of other delectables. So one Sunday when I was inspired to make a baked dessert from scratch, I found my inspiration in a pack of frozen berries that was staring back at me from the top shelf of the freezer. The idea I got was a light vanilla cake that I could add berries to just for some variation from the normal sponge. I liked the idea of the berries because they add a slight sourness to the cake that nicely balances the sweetness, which is perfect for both those with a sweet tooth and those who have a palette for the more bitter things in life. I made the cake in about an hour when you factor in prep time and we enjoyed it straight out the oven with some warm custard. You can also have this cake with vanilla ice-cream, a curd or just with cream, it all just depends on what you prefer. If you’re like my sister you’ll enjoy it with both the custard and the ice-cream, because why choose when you can have both? Hint, if there’s any leftover cake you can enjoy it with your afternoon tea the next day.

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