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Oxtail Stew


I’ve literally never met a meat-eater that doesn’t enjoy a slow-cooked Oxtail Stew. And for that reason, this recipe has become my party trick for Sunday lunch with family and friends whenever the temperatures drop and the tummy yearns for something hearty. The one thing you need to be ready for though when you’re making Oxtail is an early morning because this treat takes hours to make. In fact, what I like to do is prepare it early in the morning on a Sunday and use the time that it’s cooking in the oven to run errands or get some work done in preparation for the coming week. The result is a stew that tastes like you’ve slogged over the stove for hours. What to have Oxtail Stew with? I’ve paired Oxtail with different dishes. My favourite is Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Savoury Rice or a nice Creamy Risotto (see elsewhere on this blog for some of these recipes). You can also serve Oxtail Stew as part of your quintessentially South African “Several Colours” Sunday Lunch.

Oxtail Stew ingredients  (1).png
Oxtail Stew method 3.png
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